5 Critical Skills Training

5 Critical Skills Training

Skill #1: Know Your Warning Signs

The first step to navigating difficult situations is making sure you are grounded enough to respond effectively. Know your warning signs and recognize you might be feeling triggered so you can stop yourself before you say or do anything you may later regret.

Skill #2: Know Your Common Triggers

It is critical we know the types of comments and behaviors that are hot buttons for us so we can be better prepared to respond effectively when they occur during difficult situations.

Skill #3: De-escalate Your Emotions

Many people feel intense emotions during difficult situations. Unfortunately it is challenging to think clearly and intentionally choose effective responses when we are deeply triggered. It is critical we learn the skills to de-escalate our emotions in the moment before our triggered reactions escalate tension and conflict beyond repair.

Skill #4: Shift Your Thinking

We are not destined to react unproductively when we feel triggered in difficult situations. At different points of the Triggering Event Cycle, we can shift our thoughts so we are far better positioned to engage others in meaningful, effective ways.

Skill #5: Choose the Right Tools

The old saying is true, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail!” To be most effective during difficult situations, we need a huge toolkit of strategies and skills so we choose the right one at the right moment.