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Group Identity Cards

This resource has been a powerful way to keep a much fuller breadth of differences in our consciousness as we work with others to create inclusive, socially just organizations, policies, practices, programs, products, and services.

Within each category of difference, there are at least one privileged group and often multiple marginalized groups. This resource has helped others deepen the dialogue about individual types of oppression as well as how often numerous intersecting identities call us to think and plan in extremely nuanced, ever-evolving ways.

I am not an expert on terms nor as up-to-date on how to talk about specific categories of difference as those who have far greater experience and expertise. As you notice anything that you believe needs to be edited or added, please send me any thoughts for shifting terms.

I have been revising this template 1-2+ times each year as people have shared their perspectives and ideas. I welcome and need your thoughts and reactions.

Group Identity Cards Instructions - How to use them.

How I recommend you make your own “sets” of Group Identity Cards: 

  • revise the Word document, as needed, to customize the categories of difference to best reflect your organization, employees, region, and clients
  • print off the full document singled sided
  • onto stock paper to make 1 “stack” with all the different cards in it (I prefer brighter colors: yellow, orange, blue, lavender, pink….)
  • cut each stack into  a “set” of “cards” (this template has 36 cards in it)
  • fasten with a clip or rubber band

White Supremacy Culture Cards - Shifting White Supremacy Culture

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