What do you think about pre and post assessments

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What do you think about pre and post assessments

Question: What do you think about pre and post assessments?

Let me start by saying I’m not an assessment person. So, I would talk to the folks in the organization that do that as part of their job. I like to give people reflections questions a few weeks before the training, like: Think about ways you already effectively create equity & inclusion in everything you do; Think about one or two situations that happen in your day-to-day life that have to do with equity & inclusion that you want some more tools and skills to effectively engage.

You may want to give them socialization questions, such as: Think about the messages you heard growing up as well as the interactions you had with respect to race, gender, disability, class, etc. So, think about what’s the content you want to teach and then develop a few reflection questions for participants.

I’ll often ask people to think about, “Where do you feel stuck? What are the skills you wish people you work with had?”

I build my foundational workshops so much around storytelling and so if you want to have people do some pre-work and you don’t want to have an assessment, some reflection questions may help them come in ready to tell some stories and be more open to learning.

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